Media attention on quarry expansion explodes

A joint effort at expanding publicity across Colorado to focus attention on the limestone quarry expansion hit pay dirt this week.

The Citizens’ Alliance and the City of Glenwood Springs are working together to make a loud and very public statement about the extreme risks posed by the quarry expansion proposal.

Here is the succession of media hits over the past week, illustrating the growing outrage felt locally and across Colorado by all those who LOVE GLENWOOD SPRINGS.

Nov. 8: The Citizens’ Alliance guest editorial, by former Glenwood Springs Mayor Michael Gamba, published in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent
All eyes on BLM over RMR groundwater drilling

Nov. 12: Glenwood Springs Post Independent reporting by Thomas Phippen:
Beneath the quarry: Hot springs owners fear damage to caves and springs at mine site

Nov. 14: Denver Post article by John Aguilar
Glenwood without springs? Mountain town mobilizes against mine expansion

Nov. 14: On-site reporting by Matt Kroschel, Denver CBS Channel 4
Opposition To Strip Mine Expansion Plan Growing In Glenwood Springs

Nov. 15: Colorado Sun article by Jason Blevins
Glenwood Springs is spending $1.2M in tax money on a public affairs campaign to fight a mine above town

Nov. 15: Denver Post editorial
Editorial: Limestone quarry expansion near Glenwood Springs is far too risky

Look for more coverage in the coming days as Glenwood Springs rallies for The Whole Shebang on Saturday, Nov. 16, to show our unified community opposition.


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