The Rocky Mountain Industrials proposal

  • Expansion of the current 15.7-acre quarry to a highly visible mine of 321 acres, within a total permit area of 447 acres.
  • Blasting and crushing 5 million tons of rock per year over the next 20-plus years.
  • Operations seven days a week, year-round.
  • Development of a new haul route along Transfer Trail, from the mine to Highway 6.
  • Hauling truckloads of rock on Traver Trail, Highway 6 and Devereux Road to a rail load-out facility near the Colorado River, up to 450 round trips per day.
  • Filling up to 50,000 railroad freight cars per year, or 137 per day, near the center of Glenwood Springs.
  • Moving aggregate 200-plus miles east by rail to RMR’s Rocky Mountain Rail Park, near Denver International Airport, for the Front Range construction market.

Proposed 321-acre quarry area in red, inside 447-acre permit area  in pink. Existing quarry area of 15.7 acres  in white. Rock conveyor line in green. Haul route in yellow. Rail load-out area in orange circle.

The impacts we face

  • A mine scar running 1,800 vertical feet down the mountainside, visible from most of Glenwood.
  • Constant truck traffic between the mine and rail yard, one truck in each direction every 96 seconds, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.
  • Noise from rock blasting, crushing, loading and hauling.
  • Dust, air pollution and carbon emissions.
  • Use of water to control dust at the mine.
  • Potential risk of polluted storm runoff or debris flows from the exposed mine area.
  • Destruction of habitat for wildlife, including deer, bighorn sheep, bear, mountain lion, bald eagles, hawks, songbirds and bats.

The consequences that threaten us

  • Long-term daily impacts to quality of life for residents and visitors.
  • Acute impacts to vital tourist attractions: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge & Pool.
  • Disruptions to boating, fishing, activities at Two Rivers Park, and recreation on Transfer Trail.
  • Severe environmental impacts to the community, including truck traffic, dust, noise, light pollution, health risks and unsightly visuals.
  • Congestion and road damage from heavy truck traffic on Highway 6, Devereux Road and Devereux Bridge.
  • Potential decline in property values, tax revenues and community vitality.
  • Devastating impacts to the tourism-based economy of Glenwood Springs.