Garfield County Public Review Meeting

Meeting is Monday, April 22, 6PM, Glenwood Springs Middle School

At last month’s Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) meeting, staff presented its findings regarding Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance’s (GSCA) complaint surrounding Rocky Mountain Resource’s (RMR) alleged violations of their County Special Use Permit.

The staff report states that RMR appears to be violating the county’s special use permit by operating in an area that is larger than allowed, that they are mining unapproved materials and conducting exploratory drilling. Also, RMR is processing rock outside of the dates allowed and they are not fulfilling all areas of the maintenance agreement.

After findings were presented, BOCC then agreed to hold a Public Review Meeting regarding RMR’s violations under current operations.

PLEASE ATTEND THIS MEETING!! Monday, April 22, 6:00PM, at Glenwood Springs Middle School.

Together, with many citizens in attendance, we can show the commissioners that this is an important community issue. An issue that the citizens of Garfield County expect to be acted upon.

If you would like to speak, please do so! Note that you can speak only on the issue of current compliance. Ask the BOCC to ENFORCE the land use code. Should RMR, or any other entity, be allowed to continue operations they are not permitted for? NO. RMR should NOT be allowed to apply for an amendment to their permit until they are in compliance with their existing permit.

What’s your opinion? This is an opportunity to voice your concern and expectation. If you elect to not speak, that’s fine too. We simply need you there.

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