Love Glenwood Springs Virtual Art Show

Welcome to our virtual art show. Due to the novel coronavirus and the essential need for social distancing, the art show we planned for mid-May has been canceled.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will share some of the wonderful pieces of art that local artists are creating that express why they “Love Glenwood Springs.”

Our opening artwork is the painting “81601” by Mary Noone.

Please visit this page again, as we plan to add more artwork and stories. It is our way of offering a peaceful respite in these troubling times.

Mary Noone

Acrylic on canvas
40” by 30”

Mary Noone: Why I Love Glenwood Springs

“I love the people, and I love the landscape. People here are very connected. It’s a very real community. And you can be in the landscape right from your backyard. There are lots of places you can go and be out in the woods immediately. There’s nowhere else I would rather live.”

Glenwood Springs artist Mary Noone was deeply saddened by the idea that the Transfer Trail mountainside above Glenwood Springs could be scraped of its vegetation and turned into a massive rock quarry.

She decided to turn that sadness into action, expressing the beauty of that landscape in a stunning new painting.

Titled “81601,” the zip code for Glenwood Springs, the painting is a westward view of the Colorado River Valley, seen from the vantage point of a wide spot on Transfer Trail.

“I went up there on a sunny day in late February. I love the colors in winter. They’re very subtle,” she said.

The finished painting is anything but subtle. Mary’s love of deep, saturated colors comes through in “81601” as in so many of her paintings.

The subdued colors of February are amplified on her canvas into bright indigo, deep red and bright pink, all wrapped in a comforting forest green and topped by a blue sky and puffy, happy clouds.

Up on Transfer Trail, Mary sketched the landscape onto the large canvas, and began painting, working with fast-drying acrylic paints.

“I paint to the point where the canvas is covered, then I bring it home and keep working on it, to get the contrast going. It is such a gorgeous landscape,” she said.

The scene in “81601” is a landscape untouched by development. It was an exercise of creative license that overlooked the neighborhoods and commercial areas of west Glenwood Springs.

Mary also made a point of painting from a spot where the existing limestone quarry isn’t visible.

“If you’d move about five feet over from where I worked, you’d see the mine,” she said.

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