RMR to sue Garfield County

RMR to sue Garfield County

Rocky Mountain Resources has elected to sue Garfield County instead of bringing their operation into compliance with the permit or asking the Garfield County BOCC to amend the permit.  RMR claims that Garfield County doesn’t have any rights to protect the citizens from harmful mining operations.  As stated in the Post Independent article, RMR QUARRY OWNERS SUE GARFIELD COUNTY TO GET OUT OF PERMIT VIOLATION DEMANDS, “RMR said in its complaint that the county has no authority to enforce its permit because federal permits from the Bureau of Land Management supersede local government orders.”

The Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance supports Garfield County in its efforts to protect its citizens from the adverse effects of RMR’s ongoing operations.  Let the BOCC know that you support them as well!  Click on a name below to email your BOCC directly.

The Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance is grateful to the community and elected officials for coming together to stand up for our region and communities.  Read Post Independent’s,  ‘LACK OF RESPONSE’ FROM BLM REGARDING QUARRY’S ALLEGED VIOLATIONS PROMPTS LETTER, GLENWOOD REPS’ VISIT TO WASHINGTON, D.C.

Thank you for your support!
Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance

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