GWS City Council will pass ordinance opposing mine expansion

GWS City Council will pass ordinance opposing mine expansion

A Resolution opposing the expansion of Mine
At tonight’s city council meeting, the City of Glenwood Springs will be issuing a resolution opposing the proposed expansion of RMR’s strip mine.  The meeting is scheduled for 6P at City Hall (101 West 8th Street, Glenwood Springs). 

The City of Glenwood Springs is requesting:
1.)  A full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is conducted as the proposed expansion is reviewed.
2.)  The BLM enforce non-compliance of RMR’s federal mining permit.3.)  The BLM provide a copy of RMR’s recently submitted Plan of Operation.
4.)  The BLM fully respond to GSCA’s June 2018 FOIA request.
5.)  Support from our Colorado Congressional delegation.Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance (GSCA) applauds and thanks the Glenwood Springs’ staff and City Council for voicing the concerns of the community!

GSCA looks forward to seeing and hearing additional engagement from businesses, organizations, clubs and groups coming forward, in a non-partisan effort, to voice their opposition to the proposed expansion as well.  Because really, this is not a political issue but an issue that will dramatically affect our communities.

Thank you for your continued support.


Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance

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  1. Joanne Berke says:

    Putting this mine into large production will ruin Glenwood.

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