GSCA Awarded Grant by Aspen Ski Co.

GSCA Awarded Grant by Aspen Ski Co.

Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance is pleased to announce that Aspen Ski Company’s Environment Foundation has awarded GSCA a grant to further our educational and awareness outreach.  They recognize the importance of the mine expansion issue within the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.  Glenwood Springs Citizen’s Alliance is proud to be a part of their Public Awareness and Educational Outreach Program and tremendously grateful for the support of Aspen Ski Company’s Environment Foundation! 

We are also thankful for the efforts of members of Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance who put many hours into preparation of the grant application.  As a group of (strictly) volunteers, we are appreciative of each other’s contributions, devotion and passion toward maintaining all that we LOVE about GLENWOOD SPRINGS!

If you would like to support Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance there are different ways to do so:

  • Make a financial donation or purchase and wear LOVE GLENWOOD t-shirts!  Click here.
  • As a business owner or manager, you can stand with GSCA by signingthe business endorsement and returning it to  We are planning a business blitz later this month!
  • Organizations, please support our efforts.  You too can sign and return the endorsement.  Click here
  • Sign up to volunteer – we sporadically reach out via email for volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your support!
Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance

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