Glenwood Springs Chamber Board of Directors will Urge BLM to Require an Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Quarry Expansion

Glenwood Springs Chamber Board of Directors will Urge BLM to Require an Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Quarry Expansion

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO, May 15, 2018- The Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association (GSCRA) Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt a resolution expressing its concern and interest in more information regarding the proposed Mid-Continent limestone quarry expansion.

Based on the information currently known, the potential magnitude and irreparable nature of adverse impacts to the City of Glenwood Springs and its economy, the GSCRA believes the expansion merits further inquiry and examination.

The GSCRA will urge the Bureau of Land Management, and any other permitting agency, to require the highest level of scrutiny of this forthcoming application, including requiring an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to ensure that the expansion is in the best interests of the citizens of Glenwood Springs, its tourism-based economy and to the surrounding communities.

According to Board Chairman, Ian Exelbert, “The board felt it was very important to express concern on behalf of the business community that the GSCRA represents. We believe the entire community needs a lot more factual information regarding the potential impacts of this expansion.”

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  1. Kim says:

    What route will the 250 -300 trucks be taking? Glenwood doesn’t even have the funds to repair the existing infrastructure in town. There was a similar mining “project ” in Colorado Springs referred to now as ” the scar”, it will take hundreds of years to repair. We live in a tourist destination area, a “scar”, thundering trucks and huge amounts of dust would impact this severely. I understand the need for mining but can’t this company research a more remote area to land? Certainly there must be another hillside/mountain with what they need that is not in the middle of a town!?

    • Jeff says:

      Kim, RMR is proposing to truck these down Transfer Trail, onto Traver Trail, across US 6&24, onto Devereux Road and into the railroad yard. They would dump the material into trains and the trains would pull the material over to Denver. City streets run from about 1,500 ft up Transfer Trail to the railyard (6&24 is still CDOT). With up to 10,000 lbs/minute production a train would need to idle in the valley 24/7 to pull a train car forward every 20 minutes. The route they’re proposing goes directly past the Caverns, Iron Mtn Hot Springs and Two Rivers Park. These all have a significant number of visitors. The city sees no direct revenue from mine operations and deals with all of the impacts. Pretty much a lose/lose for the citizens. There will be a little sales and maybe property tax revenue (though most workers will probably live elsewhere), but it pales in comparison to the taxes we may lose with a dip in tourism.

  2. Amanda says:

    Glenwood thrives off the visitors that come from all around the world to visit. We cannot allow this to happen, it will impact the whole valley.

  3. Deborah Williams says:

    I’m so glad the Chamber is insisting on the environmental impact statement. This project can’t be allowed to go on. Maybe we can all go sit in front of their bulldozers!

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