Call for Artists for the VIRTUAL Love Glenwood Springs Art Show

The in-person art show, which was scheduled for May 15-17, is POSTPONED for the time being.

In the spirit of community, positivity and hope, we are preparing to offer a virtual art show featuring photos and videos of artwork that build on the “Love Glenwood Springs” theme.

Art images will be on display but not offered for sale.

The virtual art show will roll out in the coming weeks and months on this website, and we appreciate artists who step forward with contributions.

We remain vigilant in opposing the quarry expansion proposal, and wish to offer this virtual art show as a peaceful respite from the worries of this time.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form on this page and we will get in touch with you about the details.

Our purpose for this virtual show is to celebrate individual reflections of the Glenwood Springs landscape, scenery, and environment. In an upbeat, inspirational way, we invite you to create a piece of art that expresses your interpretation of Glenwood Springs.

How do our mountains and valley, our rivers, hot springs and caverns speak to you?

Love Glenwood Springs Art Show Committee

Mary Noone • Martha Cochran • Suzanne Stewart • Stephen Bershenyi • Ginny Minch

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