Inside Witches' Pantry with the Cave Discovery Team

A free lecture and slide show by expert cave explorers Rob McFarland and Richard Rhinehart

Saturday, February 29
4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Glenwood Springs Branch Library Community Room
815 Cooper Avenue, Glenwood Springs

Hosted by
Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance

Sponsored by
Colorado Cave Survey
Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Members of the Colorado Cave Survey announced in January that they have discovered and partially explored a cave network on the Transfer Trail mountainside, which they have named Witches’ Pantry.

The cave, first discovered in October 2019, is rich in wonders. A large entrance chamber has dripstone decorations and a pile of mammal bones, small chambers farther underground have wet, dripping stalactites and flowstone, and there’s strong likelihood that more passageways extend beyond the area explored.

Witches’ Pantry is also in peril, as the cave underlies the proposed expansion area for the RMR limestone quarry. The cave network could be penetrated and permanently damaged by RMR’s proposal to drill test wells for groundwater monitoring. The proposed quarry expansion would completely destroy this newfound cavern system.

Join us for an informative presentation about how the cave was discovered, and what the cave explorers found when they descended into the depths of the Witches’ Pantry.

Colorado Cave Survey member Kathy DuChene begins the descent into Witches’ Pantry Cave.

Photo by Norm Thompson

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