DeFrates column: Get involved in Glenwood

DeFrates column: Get involved in Glenwood

by Lindsey DeFrates

A massive strip mine looming over our valley. Another bank elbowing small businesses out of the downtown core. Endless construction on Seventh Street. A dearth of locally sponsored events. Affordable housing options long-extinct. Constant parking struggles, crumbling canyons and so, so many potholes.

All of these stories have been written across the page of Glenwood Springs in recent, or ongoing sagas. If we don’t like them, we should be filling the page with something else, and not complaining after the ink has dried.

Across the Rocky Mountain region, enormous changes are on the horizon. Population growth, climate change and America’s schizophrenic relationship with outdoor recreation and extraction industries all create uncertainty for the future. As a city in the middle of it all, Glenwood Springs should be rooting itself as deeply as possible in a strong sense of identity. We need a sense of self and a shared purpose strong enough to weather both literal and figurative storms, grow gracefully from inevitable change, and shape our own future. MORE

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